My Musings

I have just finished reviewing my first ARC books and it feels strange. I think I put more pressure on myself to finish a book, which has been provided for a review, in order to rate it. However, when I rate/review books I have bought myself, I am more inclined to DNF a book if it doesn’t hold my attention or if there is a trigger which will turn me off the book.

I think, in order to be fair and honest, I will rate/review ARCs like I would do with any other romance books. I am aware that I am a harsh critic when it comes to romance but that is just because I have read some of the best (in my opinion) romances and I want to read more romances which hit me in the feels (in a good way!).

I think what will help me with this is if I am clearer with myself as to what my personable triggers or turn offs are with romances. Not all of these will mean that the book is an immediate DNF but most of these do turn me off which then impacts my overall satisfaction with the romance itself.

Turn Offs:

  • CHEATING!!!!!! (any sort of cheating)
  • Love Triangles (seriously what is the point apart from toying with my feelings?!)
  • Rape (of course) or even ‘dubious consent’ (whatever that means! Rape is rape!)
  • Sexual Abuse (if it is described in explicit detail)
  • Immature Hero or Heroine (which is why I avoid YA and NA books)
  • No HEA (why would I use my time to read a romance when the H or h dies at the end?!)
  • Abortion (big nono for me personally) – this includes if the heroine or hero give up their baby for adoption
  • Big age differences between H and h (just ew!) – especially if H was an adult when h was born/growing up
  • In detail intimacy with OW or OM (no thanks!)
  • Cliffhangers – If I know there is a cliffhanger I would wait to read all the books at once but I HATE it when authors do not warn of cliffhangers and I find out at the end!
  • Pushover heroine

Turn Ons:

  • HEAs (of course) – even better with kids!
  • Grovelling by Hero (a must when he has done wrong!)
  • Funny
  • Angst
  • Strong Heroine who stands up for herself and grows
  • Pregnancies
  • Second Chances
  • Great Heroes
  • Hero/Heroine are not ‘perfect’
  • Sweet
  • Tear-jerking

I suppose the list could go on for both but there are very few romances, for me, which leave me a good combination of feelings and are….