3.5 Star · Contemporary

Booze O’clock by Bijou Hunter

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:
Heroine (Tatum): 21yrs old
Hero (Chipper): 26yrs old
Plot: 3/5
Grovel: none
Cheating: none
HEA: yes with kids
Triggers: none

Average score: 3.5/5

Best Line: “You’re magnificently gorgeous, and I plan to marry you.”


Worst Line: “If I wanted to get laid, I have a handful of willing chicks in my contact list.”

Personal Review:
A good weird romance between two crazy people in a small knit community

Random Ramblings:
•I really enjoy these weird stories
•I love how the heroes always fall for their heroines straight away
•What the eff is ‘Grody’?
•Can’t wait to read the Cherub’s book
•The h is a lot more tamer that I expected
•The story dragged at times

Overall Feeling:


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