4.5 Stars · Paranormal

It’s You (It’s You #1) by Katy Regnery

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Darcy): 35yrs old

Hero (Jack): 37yrs old

Plot: 4/5

Grovel: good

Cheating: none

HEA: cliffhanger

Triggers: none

Average score: 4.5/5

Best Line: “for what is bound cannot be broken

Worst Line: “We’re complicated”– this is just a cop-out

Personal Review:

A great romance with an actual hero who displays emotions!!

Random Ramblings

  • Trying really hard to suspend by disbelief that she is so fixated on one kiss so much that she needs to see a hypnotherapist
  • Why does her best friend call her ‘kid’?
  • I liked that she didn’t immediately forgive him
  • The eye thing was cool
  • This girl sure does like melons
  • I understood why she reacted that way but I felt so much for him
  • The scene with naked Lela was gross and unnecessary!

Overall Feeling:

I just want to give him a hug…




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