1 Star · Contemporary

Fleeting Moments by Bella Jewel


Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Lucy): 27yrs old – such a naïve, desperate, selfish bitch

Hero (Heath): 35yrs old – should have let her die

Plot: 1/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: yes – h cheats on her husband with the H and then cheats on the H with her husband

HEA: yes

Triggers: miscarriage, rape of a 13yr old girl (not h)

Average score: 1/5

Best Line: “I’m not crazy. I’m not.” – you totally are

Worst Line: “I love you, Lucy.” “And I love you.” Little did I know that was the last time he’d ever speak those words again. – actually he does say the words again, about 55 pages later


Personal Review:

What a fucking messed up so-called romance – fucking waste of my time

Random Ramblings

  • Having feelings for another guy whilst married is not something I like in romances
  • I felt for what happened to her but I wanted her to be stronger
  • I agree with her family – she was obsessed with Hunter and it was destroying her marriage
  • Ok, the h is really starting to annoy me – she loves running away as soon as she doesn’t get her own way
  • I don’t understand why she keeps pursuing him – she said she wanted to make sure he was real and he said he was so why won’t she let it go?????
  • I so desperately wanted to slap her
  • How fucking dare she call her husband a ‘Jerk’!!
  • It cracked me up that she thought her sister-in-law was delusional after accusing her of having an affair (which she did have) – uh excuse me but Lucy needs to go look into a mirror and she will see who the delusional one is
  • Why is her husband in the wrong for accusing her of moving on so soon after claiming to be in love with him?? She is cheating on her husband and she keeps denying it…


  • Poor Gerard who was made to apologise to her when he did nothing wrong
  • And to top it all off, the bitch of a h left the young girl behind knowing she would be punished and raped

Overall Feeling:


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