3 Stars · Contemporary

Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Brooke): 23yrs old

Hero (Caleb): 31yrs old

Plot: 3/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: none

HEA: yes with pregnancy

Triggers: OW drama

Average score: 3/5

Best Line: none that felt genuine

Worst Line: “She was my personal assistant, and I paid her very well to do a job. If I needed her to pick up condoms, then her job that day was to pick up condoms—what I was fucking paying her to do.”

Personal Review:

This was an ok romance. It had a great start but then just started to lose its lustre from the middle. I did not feel emotionally connected to the characters

Random Ramblings

  • What a great prologue!
  • The writing style was different to what I am used to
  • Not sure if I want to read about James the Manwhore
  • The h was coming across as quite dramatic

Overall Feeling:




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