3 Stars · Contemporary

Beneath the Lies by Riann C. Miller

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Kate): 20yrs old – 3/5

Hero (Gavin): 24yrs old – 3/5


Grovel: none

Cheating: none

HEA: yes

Triggers: some OW drama

Average score: 3/5

Best Line: h: I don’t want to be any man’s second choice but I’m definitely not going to be second best to a woman he claims is toxic.


H: I’ve waited a long time to find you and now that I know what it’s like to have you in my life, I’ll do everything humanly possible to keep you. Forever.

Worst Line: “I didn’t think I was cut out for bad boys, but I think I might be cut out for Gavin Loman.

Personal Review:

This was an ok romance between a sheltered woman and an angry guy.

Random Ramblings

  • Aww, their first introduction was sweet!
  • Party scenes in romances always make me feel on edge especially when its teen/early 20s parties
  • Why did she decide to move in with Leeta and not get her own place as she had money and she felt uncomfortable around Leeta?
  • The h wasn’t as strong-willed as I would have liked
  • For someone who claims to hate games and liars, her sure did mess her about
  • He is so sweet with Callie
  • The h was more gullible than I realised, especially around Alyssa

Overall Feeling:





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