3.5 Star · Contemporary

Say You’ll Stay by Corinne Michaels

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Presley): 35yrs old – 3/5

Hero (Zach): 39yrs old – 4/5

Plot: 3/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: H and h kiss twice even though H has a girlfriend

HEA: yes

Triggers: H has a long-term girlfriend

Average score: 3.5/5

Best Line: I’m so inept. I don’t know how to do this. How do I keep screwing up?” – this pretty much sums up the whole relationship

Worst Line: “My husband of thirteen years just took his own life.”

Personal Review:

This was an ok second chance romance – I loved the angsty start but it became slightly repetitive around 50%.

Random Ramblings:

  • In tears from the beginning…didn’t help that I was already emotional because I watched a documentary on Cancer right before reading this
  • I would have liked to read more about the twins
  • Hated the blatant jealous behaviour
  • It dragged a bit in the middle
  • I started to lose respect for the h towards the end because of all the secrets which is a shame because I was rooting for her

Overall Feeling:




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