2 Stars · Contemporary

Dirty Sexy Inked (Dirty Sexy #2) by Carly Phillips

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Katrina): 3/5

Hero (Mason): 1/5

Plot: 2/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: none but such a Manwhore AND I am reminded of it over and over again

HEA: no epilogue but yes there is a HEA

Triggers: self-harm, abuse, rape (by H’s best friend)

Average score: 2/5

Best Lines: Levi: “You can’t let the past keep definingyour future actions,” Levi stated bluntly. “At some point, you need to change your pattern of behavior in order for anything else around you to change.” – Thank you Levi, the voice of reason and the only person I liked in the whole book!

Worst Lines: H: “No need to be jealous just because I get laid on a regular basis.”

Personal Review:

A classic best friends-to lovers romance.

The first couple of pages told me everything I needed to know about this romance:

  1. H is a HUGE manwhore and hits on flight attendant during our first introduction to him (with the h sitting next to him)
  2. The h has been in love with H for many years and is his best friend and also works for him
  3. The h has witnessed his manwhore ways through the years
  4. Neither the h or H recognise the disgusting manwhore-ish ways
  5. H has a secret crush on the h but continues to fuck other women instead of manning up and admitting his feelings
  6. The h suddenly realises she needs to make some ‘life-changing’ decisions ie realising that the H is not going to change and she is being walked all over

And ALL of this was gathered from the first couple of pages. This was not a good sign for me but I continued to read with the hope of the H being brought to his knees.

I had to skip a lot of internal dialogue because it wasn’t holding my interest and I just wanted to get to the grovel.

So she goes on a ‘date’ with another man and all of a sudden the H is all like “you’re mine!” and staked his claim and did the h make him work for it? NO! she literally said ‘yes’ and they got it on.


Overall Feeling:

“there was one thing she knew for certain—unrequited love sucked big hairy balls.”


I think I am officially done with Carly’s books



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