4.5 Stars · Contemporary

Baby Steps (Yeah, Baby #2) by Fiona Davenport

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Jade): 4/5

Hero (Lucas): 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Grovel: the hero said sorry!! – the actual words, not just a ‘wince’ or a grunt, he said “I’m sorry” – that’s so rare in alpha-male romances and I am so happy…


Cheating: none

HEA: yes

Triggers: none

Average score: 4.5/5 – extra half point for the apology alone!

Best Lines: H: When you have money, it’s easy to become jaded (pun intended) and assume every woman is either after your fortune or what you can do for them in bed, until they prove otherwise.” – great pun!

Worst Lines: H: We can’t tell anyone

Personal Review:

This was not your typical step-siblings romance (which I am grateful for).

This is a story about a heroine (whose mother died in a car accident a day after marrying someone and the person she married was the father of the hero) and a hero who had spent a weekend together and split up due to a misunderstanding. The heroine falls pregnant and they meet again when their parent’s wills are read and that’s when they find out they are step-siblings.

Random Ramblings:

  • H was an ass to the h in the beginning but I could understand why so I didn’t hold it against him too much
  • I didn’t like this heroine as much as the heroine in the first book but that’s because this heroine was more of a pushover and this was more evident the more she told us readers that she is a pushover (beginning of chapter 9)
  • Loved the baby names

Overall Feeling:

Another great insta-love from Fiona Davenport.



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