2 Stars · Contemporary

Ginger’s Heart by Katy Regnery

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Ginger): 2/5 – stupid tease

Hero (Cain): 2/5 – hypocritical asshole

Plot: 2/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: H fucks many other women over the years even after developing feelings for the h

HEA: yes but none of the three main characters deserved to be together in my opinion

Triggers: description of H’s sexual activity with OW in chapters 2, 4, 11

Average score: 2/5

Best Lines: none

Worst Lines: Ginger describing her relationship with Woodman: “best friends who occasionally kissed.…in other words, leading a good man on

Personal Review:

A trio of immature idiots proclaim their love for each other but find reasons/excuses to never be with each other. Very similar to the old school TV dramas like The OC.

Random Ramblings:

  • I was a little sceptical with this one as the blurb made it sound like a love-triangle which I hate! And because I hate love-triangles…I did skip to the end to find out who the H was


  • And of course the girl picks the bad-boy who messes with her feelings and is a total jackass instead of the loyal, sweet boy who would do anything for her


  • It was a bad cop-out to kill the other man…could see it coming
  • What’s up with calling your cousin ‘son’?

Overall Feeling:

So much angst….and for no real reason




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