2.5 Stars · Contemporary

Bad Boy Baby Daddy by Avery Wilde

First and foremost:

Ladies regularly check yourselves and if you find a lump….MAKE A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT, DO NOT MESS ABOUT!


Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Riley): 2.5/5 – I had high hopes for you but you became another bimbo when the H flirted with you and you didn’t stick to your guns


Hero (Kaiden): 2/5 – quite immature despite his age, epic manwhore and feels he is entitled to being one because he is famous

Plot: 2.5/5

Grovel: none

Cheating: author says no but please see triggers

HEA: yes…I love babies!

Triggers: OW claims to be pregnant with H’s baby, explicit detail of H’s sluts (I am too fed up to write in a ‘polite’ way anymore) and his roaming eye, stiffening cock etc

I am practically on my knees begging romance authors to NOT DESCRIBE HEROES ATTRACTION TO PEOPLE OTHER THAN THE HEROINE especially after meeting the heroine!


 Average score: 2.5/5

Best Line: H: I’d do anything for her.…now prove it

Worst Lines: almost everything the H said in the first four chapters…almost led to a DNF:

H’s thoughts: I acted like I was making eye contact with everyone, but really I was just scouting the arena for the hottest chicks. and I wasn’t too fussy about who I took to bed, either.

And this is his introduction to us readers…my first impression is


H’s thoughts: “Give me a mature woman any day – much less crap to deal with, and much more fun to be with.” – in order to be with a mature woman you also need to be a mature H


H to h: “I know, I know, this might seem like I’ve gone insane.” He backed away from me, running his fingers through his hair. “But think about it. You want a child, I want a child, and we already know each other. I know we could parent well together. It just…it makes sense, doesn’t it?”


Now I don’t have a problem with h’s wanting to have a baby (loved ‘Nobody’s Baby But Mine’ by Susan Elizabeth Phillips) but I do have a problem with two relative strangers having a baby together just because they feel like it. Kids are hard work!

Personal Review:

Love story between two childhood friends who lost touch with each other when they were 12yrs old and years later the H becomes a famous MMA fighter and h has been recruited as his newest PR person.

H is having OW drama and OW claims he made her pregnant; h has to make H not appear like the douche he is in public.

H blows hot and cold throughout and h gets my hopes up by being strong but then lets me down by immediately becoming a pushover anytime the H wants something.

The book would have been better if the H wasn’t a manwhore (or at least not for a while before seeing h again) and an immature asshole. I did like that the h and H were childhood friends (not sweethearts) and that they were both nerds when they were young.

BTW…this is a very insta-love. I think they were together (professionally, not romantically) for 3 days and proclaimed their love for each other. After that it was a lot of drama.

Random Ramblings:

  • My thanks go to the author for clearly stating this is a standalone with HEA and no cheating
  • Hate it when the OW is so clearly a bitch but H still responds to her
  • Books like these make me think that you can’t be a smart, confident, self-assured woman and be in love at the same time because apparently as soon as you’re in love (or even lust) all your self-respect flies out the window and you become a pushover who constantly questions your own behaviour e.g. why did I kiss him? I am a professional, why do I let him touch me or talk to me that way etc
  • There is nothing wrong with surrogacy or IVF – it won’t make you love the baby less!!
  • Both mother and father should be equal in raising their kids so comments like these are not pleasant as it infers that mothers ‘duty’ is their kids while father’s can ‘help out’

H’s thoughts: and he even took them out on his own to give me the occasional moment of peace when I needed it.

Fathers are supposed to look after their children just as much as mothers and NOT when mother’s ‘need a break’!

Overall Feeling:



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