2 Stars · Contemporary

Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Lainey): 1/5

Hero (Cody): 3/5

Plot: 1/5

Grovel: N/A

Cheating: yes

HEA: yes

Triggers: love triangle

Average score: 2/5 – because of OM and h not being honest

Best Line: H’s thoughts of the h:There’s no moving on after I’ve had a taste of perfection.

Worst Line: h’s thoughts about her fiancé letting her visit the H: If he’s hesitant, and he trusts me implicitly, how the hell do I trust myself? heres a tip…if you are doubting yourself DON’T VISIT AN EX-LOVER BEFORE GETTING MARRIED!!!! You end up hurting yourself AND OTHER PEOPLE who don’t deserve it!

h: I feel like a dirty whore”




Personal Review:

I was sceptical about reading this one as soon as I realised that the h was engaged to OM but something about the H drew me in so I continued to read it. Fingers crossed that the OM’s feelings don’t get hurt and that there is no cheating.

Ok, I tried it but it went down the stereotypical route of the h mentally being angry with herself but then still meeting with H without telling her current fiancé. This type of drama is not needed in my romances.

Overall Feeling:




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