1 Star · Contemporary · DNF

Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Beware of Spoilers!

Ok, heres the thing….I loved Clay! He was protective, sweet, hard working and hot.

However, I DID NOT LIKE Samantha because she was a spoilt brat. I have read good romances about opposites and rich heroines but something about Samantha rubbed me up the wrong way. I DNF’d (before chapter 5) this book because of the following:

  • Samantha gets drunk after running away from home with no money/car/phone/clothes – this is a problem for me because immediately I’m thinking she’s stupid. NOT for running away from home (which she should have done years ago!) but for not being safe. Samantha has no excuse because she has access to money and she could have planned this better. What kind of message does this give to women?
  • Samantha then has to stay in the bar owner’s apartment overnight because she didn’t have the foresight to book a hotel room before her father cut her off…or even withdraw some cash from the ATM
  • Samantha then wakes up the following morning, eats the breakfast that Clay makes for her and then proceeds to ask him if she could live with him and have a job!!!!! Samantha needs to wake up and realise how selfish she is being here
  • Samantha then kisses/makes out with Clay after he begrudgingly says yes. This has strong connotations of Samantha prostituting herself for a job and a place to live…uhm no



It’s a good job Clay was not a murderer….but then I suppose it would not be a romance if he was!

Special message for Clay:



This sucks because I used to enjoy books by Carly Phillips…why did Samantha have to be like that



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