1 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · DNF

The Rest of My Life by Sheryl Browne

Warning: SPOILERS!

This was an ARC read but I could not continue to read it after ending chapter 2.

The reason was because the H was a womaniser and NOT the kind that you can stomach in most romances but the kind that sleeps with married women, has no remorse, and this is then described in detail to us readers when all we (mainly me!) want is to read the H’s interaction with the h as that’s what romance is all about….right?

I don’t really want to read about the H’s attraction to some other married woman!!!

Also, I know I didn’t finish the book but I think there was also a daughter the H abandoned? One of my personal triggers are H or h giving up their child for adoption or having an abortion.

I did like what I had read about the h but the H’s behaviour was a turn off for me so I couldn’t read more about the h.

Sorry, not for me.

A special note to the hero:





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