5 Stars · Contemporary

Duke by CJ Washington

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Nicole): 4/5

Hero (Duke): 4/5

Plot: 5/5

Grovel: N/A – no grovel needed as there was a lot of drama which took its place

Cheating: H gets BJ from the club ‘slut’ after the h gave him a hard-on

HEA: 5/5 – Excellent!!

Triggers: none

 Average score: 5 stars!!!!!

Best Quote: h to H: “I’ve never belonged to anybody.”

Worst Quote: H’s thoughts: “He sure as fuck wasn’t looking to be her baby daddy, still, he’d needed her raw. Nothing in the way. It wasn’t the first time he’d gone bareback but he didn’t do it often.”


Personal Review:

A great MC romance!!

Nicole has been kidnapped by the MC and held as ‘collateral’ because of her stupid father’s debt and mistakes. Nicole is an old hand at the whole ‘being kidnapped for debt’ thing so she took it in her stride. Duke is the head MC bosses sidekick (I forget what the sidekick is called in a MC!). Duke was overprotective, abrasive, sweet and hot!

Random Ramblings:

I really liked the ‘three musketeers’!

The way Duke looked after Nicole after the incident made me melt!

LOVED LOVED LOVED the triplet pregnancy

Overall Feeling:




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