3.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary

Sweetened with a Kiss (Book 1 of Southern Style) by Lexxi Callahan

*ARC provided by Author*

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:

Heroine (Jen): 4 out of 5 – she stood up for herself (to some extent) which was great!

Hero (Stefan): 3 out of 5 – is hot and cold throughout but still quite sweet to h

Plot: 3.5 out of 5

Grovel: None

Cheating: No – although a few references were made about ex-partner who is still in his life

HEA: Yes

Triggers: No

Average score: 3.5/5

Best Quote: h to H: “Of course midnight matters,” she told him. “I don’t want you turning into a pumpkin.”

Worst Quote: H to h: “By the time I’m through with you, I’ll be black-tar heroin in your veins”

Personal Review:

The book has a refreshing start to most romance books in that it jumped straight into the lives of the H and h (who were already engaged to each other) and the h appeared to be quite strong in her resolve not to marry H.

One slight niggle was when the h’s weight loss was mentioned a couple of times when they first saw each other after 6 months. This irks me as I want the h and H to love and respect each other and NOT base it on how they look especially if they have known each other for several years!

As soon as the Red Queen was mentioned I cringed. I am not sure I want to know more about the Red Queen and I know the third book is titled “Fall of the Red Queen”. Not sure how I feel about a romance book with lead h being the OW in another book and that she has been a bit of a meddler :/

I have to say, the legal stuff went over my head at times and the it got a little confusing towards the end with all the ‘brain injury’ talk.

Random Ramblings:

H was sweet (in buying the home that the h had always dreamed off!)

LOVED the zombie cupcakes!

Books like these remind me how important open communication is between h and H!!

Overall Feeling:

“feel-good” – reminiscent of the good quality Harlequin romances



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