First Post!

This is my first ever post and it feels strange writing to no one…almost like writing a note on a piece of paper and stuffing it into a glass bottle and setting it out into the ocean!

How exciting and freeing!

There is something about writing my thoughts and feelings down and sharing it without there being an expectation that anyone is actually going to read this. Its a step up from keeping a diary (and although I did have diaries in my teens I was notoriously bad for keeping up with the diary writing, hopefully I will do better this time!).

A little about me:

I am a voracious reader and my appetite veers towards ROMANCE! I enjoy reading most types of romance books but there are some genres which I am trying to steer clear of because I feel too old (Young Adults and New Adults) for them and they just leave me feeling frustrated!

As much as I am a romance book addict, I am also very cynical. Now, you may wonder whether this is even possible but I assure you that it is! I love to battle down my cynical side and suspend my beliefs to enjoy my romances BUT I am also highly critical of romance books and rarely give 5 star ratings. This annoys me because I WANT to read good romances but I most often find flaws in them which increases my cynicism.

It feels like I am constantly battling between my romantic side and my cynical side but I determined to succeed in my mission to find the romance Heroine with self-respect and the Hero who gives good grovel!

Oh and another thing….I love gifs!



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